Coinbook Philosophy

We love people over profits. There are a lot of like minded companies out there and we are on the hunt to find them. There have been plenty of people that have tried to get involved in the crypto industry but have been swayed by dishonest actors. Our entire existence is to help the little guy.

Most people like crypto because of the amazing technological revolution, but let's be honest, people also get involved because they want their investments to go up and change their life. That isn't a bad thing. The problem is that people are getting rekt left and right. We want to give people the information that will change their life.

Trading Ideas

We are creating a database of every trade idea known to man. The ideas can be very complex with tons of indicators. Other ideas can be very simple. In fact there are no rules. Some ideas are just plain dumb, but they all go in. The best ones automatically move to the top. Now everyone can easily gain access to ideas that work. You can even submit your own idea for free and get paid when people use it!

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