Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee your trading strategies to work?

We don't. Just because something worked in the past, there's no guarantee that the future will be exactly like the past.

What do I get when I suggest a trading idea?

We give you the results of the strategy for roughly the last 3000 bars in the history set. We run it on 1Min, 5Min, 15Min, 1Hour, 4Hour, Daily, & Weekly and try it on several stocks or coins to see where it best performs.

Can I get paid for giving you trading ideas?

Yes! If your idea is in the top 10% of all ideas by APY, you will get paid when others buy any idea in the top 10% that is better than yours.

Why do you pay me $5 even if someone doesn't buy my strategy?

We are trying to encourage as many ideas as possible. We don't just reward the best one, we reward everyone. The goal is to encourage everyone to give it a shot.

If I have more than one strategy in the top 10% can I get paid more?

Yes, we give you $5 for every idea in the top 10% as long as the person buying your idea buys yours or one better than yours. So 10 ideas = $50 every time someone buys the top idea.

Why are you selling trading strategies, why not just use them yourself?

We are using any and all of the best strategies. In fact most of them are ours to begin with. We just want to share the wealth to others. These ideas can be used on crypto exchanges, stock or bond markets, etc., so there is plenty of bandwidth.

How long do I have access to an idea that I bought?

You have access to the idea and code behind it for life. We are pretty cool that way.

If I really like an idea, can you help me build a bot?

We specialize in creating trading bots! We create the server, give you the password, you login, change the password, then copy and paste your trade API in. It's all yours and will run 24/7

What if my bot turns off or there is system maintenance?

We don't guarantee against things outside of our control. We build a bot with the correct logic, but we can't guarantee the trading platform, the server itself, or even that the logic will make money. We just guarantee that it is set up correctly.

What happens if everyone uses the same idea?

If too many people buy or sell at the same time, the market can move and profits can decrease. Try to diversify where you use popular ideas or choose ideas that trade on longer time frames so they aren't as sensitive.

What if I want to buy more than one trading idea?

If you buy the most expensive one, the rest are free for a year. The ones you open to reveal the code, remain yours for life. If you spend $10, the rest are $10 cheaper for 1 year.

How often do you add ideas?

Every day. New ideas show up any time we get a new idea.

Do you offer other products and services?

Yes, we will link legitimate company in the Crypto Space so you can have access to companies and products that we trust.

I still need help, how do I contact you

Send us an email to

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