DigiByte & Litecoin spreads decreased
Due to increased trading and interest in DGB & LTC on Coinbook we have reduced the spread on LTC by 16.7% and the spread on DGB by 50%!
Author: Trade Analytics
Date: 01/04/2019

It just got a lot easier to buy and sell Digibyte and Litecoin! We have been hoping that trading volume could get high enough to allow us to decrease the buy prices on Coinbook. This change will also increase the amount from coins sold as well so both buyers and sellers will benefit.

Effective immediately, the difference between the buy and sell price on DigiByte has been cut in half! There are still no trade fees, but the prices are lower than ever on the buy side and higher than ever on the sell side. We have also matched the trade spread with Litecoin as well so they are equally competitive.

We are very excited to offer this change to our customers and know that it will reduce friction for those entering and leaving the market for these coins. We are always finding ways to improve our exchange and are improving things as fast as we can!

Thanks for being a part of Coinbook!

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