Deposit Method Change
We have changed the way we do deposits to lower settlement times to one business day. This update also gives you access to coins without a waiting period.
Author: Calvin Weight
Date: 16/08/2019

We recently changed the way deposits work on Coinbook. We now generate a unique routing and account number for each user so that you can transfer funds directly into Coinbook.

Step 1: Login to your bank (Wells Fargo, Chase, etc.) using a desktop or laptop. Phone apps usually don't work.

Step 2: Click on the transfers section (Sometimes you have to select your account first)

Step 3: Click the button to add an account (The type of account you are adding is CHECKING and this is a personal account in your name)

Step 4: Follow the prompts to add the ACH deposit using the routing and account number generated on the wallets page.

Step 5: Depending on the bank you'll need two micro transactions which will appear on the wallets page. (scroll down)

Step 6: If your bank asks for a name and address use:

SWIFT CODE (if wiring): 084106768

Evolve Bank & Trust

6070 Poplar Ave, Suite 200 Memphis, TN  38119

Step 7: If you have trouble, contact your bank and ask them to help you. They can easily set up a band transfer just remember that you are transferring to a checking account in your name that you own.


The main benefit of the new system is that funds will settle in as little as ONE business day, and you will have access to withdraw coins without waiting!

We are very excited to roll this out since as part of our philosophy of ownership, we won't need to hold coins for four business days any longer. The wait to be eligible to withdraw is over. This also removes the several-week holding period for new users. This will greatly improve the experience that users have moving money and coins in and out of Coinbook.

ALSO: Check out the new limits!

Tier 1:

Daily: $10,000; Weekly: $20,000; Monthly: $40,000; Yearly: $80,000

Tier 2:

Daily: $25,000; Weekly: $50,000; Monthly: $100,000; Yearly: $200,000

Tier 3:

Daily: $75,000; Weekly: $150,000; Monthly: $200,000; Yearly: $400,000

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