Coinbook Guarantee
In order to help new people try crypto, we now allow you to reverse your first trade up to $500 in the first 14 days. You have nothing to lose! It's time to join the crypto movement.
Author: Calvin Weight
Date: 06/04/2019

Starting immediately, all new users can reverse their first trade up to $500 within the first 14 days!


What this means for people who know about bitcoin but haven't bought:

There is now nothing to lose. Many people don't invest because they are afraid of losing money or volatility. Coinbook is making your first experience into the world of crypto trading anxiety free. If you buy $100 of DigiByte or Litecoin and 5 mins after your trade, you lost half your money... push the reverse button. We clear your trade, give you back $100 and let you move on with your life.

Don't get stuck in analysis paralysis! Crypto is changing the world and you shouldn't be on the sidelines any longer! We are here to hold your hand and make sure your first experience is the best one possible.


What this means for old traders:

Go get your affiliate code! It's time to let people know about Coinbook. How hard of a sell is this? Hey if you sign up with Coinbook and deposit $50, we both get $10. If you spend $60 on a coin that makes you lose sleep, you can reverse the trade within 14 days. You still keep your money, you still keep your $10, I still keep my $10. There is literally nothing to lose!


Thank you, buy why??

Coinbook is not your usual US based crypto exchange, we are the best. We offer an amazing experience with instant verifications, instant bank deposits, and instant access to funds on weekends, nights, and holidays. We also make it interesting and fun with achievements, contests, and giveaways. Our prices are amazing because of no user fees and fees included in the price so you know exactly what you bought and where you stand.

The existing exchanges take your business for granted, we don't. You are a part of something revolutionary with Coinbook. It's time to get your friends and family on board. Spread the word and above all, just get started.

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