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Coinbook is transitioning away from the exchange business and into crypto products and services. We find the best companies and products that people need to know about. The idea is to help people in the crypto industry find legitimate products and services. Every company is worth looking into!

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Coinbook Products

Physical Products

Hardware wallets and other crypto essentials. These are products created by the brightest minds and best companies in the industry. Everything listed has been reviewed and meets our highest levels of approval.

Technology Products

Anything digital that makes life easier for anyone involved in crypto is here. There are some tools and ideas that will make your life easier. Products for crypto traders, company recommendations, and tech that is changing crypto!

Crypto Services

These companies deserve our attention. People are working hard to provide services to the crypto industry. These companies are well researched and spend time and talent to add to the crypto industry. We should support these hard working people.

Crypto Freebies

These companies are giving away money or coins to support their company. This is more of a news section and provide this as a benefit to our users. You will need to do a little more research on these ones since these are simply bonuses.