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Over the past 8 months the Coinbook team has been preparing the simplest and most transparent trading experience on the market. While we wrap up the legal pieces and finalize development, we are ensuring the experience we know you want. We will be launching soon.

Coinbook is a US based bitcoin and future altcoin exchange. All trading pairs are against USD. We are bringing a fresh approach to crypto with a philosophy of ownership, no fees, top of the line security, and an impeccable user experience. Get ready to enjoy Coinbook.

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Trezor Hardware Wallet

The most trusted way to keep your coins offline and safe from hackers. TREZOR provides personal cold storage that gives you complete control. Will be avaliable to purchase soon.

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Trezor Logo

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Why Coinbook?

No Fees

Our margins are included in the price. You get exactly what you expect when you transact with us - no added fees, no surprises, no confusion. Welcome to the Coinbook experience! Everything is exactly as it should be - simple and transparent.


We exceed all federally required banking encryption for sending and storing data, using AES encryption and other leading standards. Two factor authentication is required on all trading accounts. We teach and expect our customers to store their own coins.

Simple and Fast

Coinbook's open API design allows for an enormous amount of trade volume to be executed lightning fast. Everything is engineered to be simple, intuitive, and user-friendly. If you have any questions, our world-class support team will help you every step of the way.

Our Philosophy

We embrace technology - expect segwit for bitcoin. We embrace ownership - every customer should control their own coins using a hardware wallet. We embrace solid coins - only the best coins that have proven themselves will trade on our platform.